Wealth management solutions

Trusts and foundations

If you would like to arrange your estate and share your assets among your loved ones according to your exact wishes and over several generations, a trust is the best possible solution. A foundation meets the same requirements but with charitable goals.


A trust is an arrangement by which one or several people, usually members of a single family, transfer their assets to a trusted person, the trustee, who is charged with acting in the best interests of one or several beneficiaries. The trust is probably the most efficient way of transferring wealth. Mostly used in Anglo-Saxon countries, this system is gradually spreading around the world.


A foundation is particularly suited to achieving charitable, religious, educational, scientific or literary goals.

Its legal form gives you complete freedom to decide how to invest your various assets: real estate, equities, life insurance, etc., and to whom and when to distribute them.

A foundation also offers administrative flexibility equivalent to that of a company.

A comprehensive programme

We offer the most comprehensive programme for creating and administering your trust or foundation, no matter what your circumstances or your location worldwide.

Trust and duty

You take the free decision to delegate decisions to a “trusted person”, the Trustee, who, according to instructions set out in a “trust deed” will take on the duties of:

  • Protecting your loved ones
  • Anticipating crisis situations
  • Acting on your behalf, in case you are rendered unable

The choice of a trustee is a key element of your inheritance planning strategy. Societe Generale recommends the use of one of its five trust companies, 100 per cent owned by the Group, and operating with the highest standards in terms of ethics, skills, quality of service and confidentiality.