Life insurance

Life insurance is an essential product in the area of wealth management – for saving, for investing, and for passing on wealth to the next generation. It is always productive to underwrite a life insurance contract, depending on your goals – retirement, protection, savings, wealth inheritance, tax efficiency, capital gains, additional revenues – and your financial, fiscal, legal and family circumstances.

The benefits of an open architecture platform

Life insurance contracts are one of the best investments for securely increasing your capital or make the most of changes in the financial markets in an advantageous fiscal framework.

Societe Generale Private Banking provides insurance solutions in France and Luxembourg, depending on your place of residence and your investment goals.

Our partners are among the biggest global insurance companies, and offer branded contracts for every set of circumstances.

This open architecture partnership guarantees the impartiality of our advice.

A solid international position

With its international presence, its global network of partners and experts, and strong experience in client advice, we are in a position to offer the best solutions for whichever tax jurisdiction you belong to.

Beyond traditionnal life insurance, other forms of local life insurance contracts exist, especially in Asia, the UK and North America. If you belong to these jurisdictions, we will be able to suggest a solution adapted to your needs.

Tailor-made contracts

Beyond a certain degree of wealth amount, we look at alternative solutions to classic contracts.

The contracts proposed by Societe Generale Private Banking are individual contracts, offering specific conditions and vehicles adaptable to your particular circumstances. We have a dedicated fund that allows you to include a wide range of assets. The French or Luxemburgtax framework will determine the appropriate vehicle.