Access our customised investment expertise

You may wish to delegate investment decisions to our experts, either because you do not have the time, or the immediate access to market information to make timely investment decisions. Perhaps, you simply prefer to entrust your financial assets to an investment professional.

Your private banker and, where applicable, dedicated portfolio manager,
set out a wealth management strategy with you, adjusting our level of service
based on the frequency of contact and level of expertise you wish. They take into account your specific constraints and can even customise a bespoke portfolio.

Guided by your investment objective and risk tolerance, the portfolio manager will exercise discretion to construct and manage your investment portfolio. It will be kept under review and rebalanced as necessary to reflect changes in the outlook for particular investments, markets or asset types.

"To manage my portfolio, I prefer to delegate the management of my portfolio to an investment expert, who will adjust it for changing market conditions."