Presentation by the Chief Executive Officer

Your local branch of an international group

Alexandre Rousseau : CEO Societe Generale Private Banking (Monaco) :

"Our private banking advisers offer in-depth analysis of your financial situation and expert implementation of your wealth management plan.

Our specialists in portfolio management provide a specialist approach and permanent support. You can choose between either a discretionary or an advised management solution.

Our experts in investment products advise you in the creation of dedicated solutions, supplying objective opinions on the choice of investment plans, all as part of an open architecture framework.

Our estate planning specialists assist you in the implementation of made-to-measure financial plans.

Our Senior Private Bankers provide a superior level of service, bringing not only their expertise in all the asset classes but also their thorough knowledge of all type of Family Office issues. Our Centres of Expertise specialising in the financing of yachts, private jets and prestige residences (whether on the Côte d'Azur, Monaco, Paris, Courchevel...), will guide and assist you in the realisation of your projects.

All these teams, multilingual and fully at your disposal, work as part of the wider international Societe Generale Private Banking network, as well as with the support of the retail banking arm of the Société Générale Group, to meet your needs and serve your interests. Ensuring the harmony and coherence of the financial solutions they provide."